Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Paris Affair

The scuffle over Paris Hilton's imprison is by now old news. It even made its way to the pages of the Volokh Conspiracy where Prof. Kerr couldn't resisted a tongue-in-check "call to arms". Although, he meant it as foil against the calls to pardon Libby.

But seriously: was it within the power of the courts to pull Paris back into prison? I don't think so--as much as she deserves to be treated as no more than another citizen. I'm shocked that a judge would overrule the Sheriff's office in this way. Shouldn't it be the case that the continued confinement of an individual requires the concurrence of the court and a suitable executive officer?

I hope this gets slapped down on appeal, albeit with a heavy dose of dicta criticizing the sheriff's office.

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arrowflight said...

The judge had requested the medical reason the sheriff had used to release her. This was not supplied to the judge. Therefore, the sheriff had no business letting her out. The Judge was within his legal jurisdiction to incarcerate Ms. Hilton for the duration of her sentence.